Morgan O'Sullivan

Beautiful Rebel

Morgan O’Sullivan


Basic Information

Name: Morgan O’Sullivan
Aliases: None yet
Classification: Mage
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Associations: Emissary of the Ashe Cove Werewolves
Known Family: Mags O’Sullivan (Cousin), Richard O’Sullivan (Uncle), Agatha O’Sullivan (Aunt)

Character Description

Morgan is a tall and mildly athletic teenager, standing several inches over six feet. With a style that could be described as anything from emo to preppy to punk and anything in between, Morgan is clearly defined by the air of the rebellious bad-boy that radiates from him. His alluring blue eyes and devious smile are the only consistencies in his overly changing style.

He has a few tattoos. One runs down his inner forearm that reads “Possum qui posse videor.” He has another along his back that reads “Vincit qui se vincit.”

Distinguishing Characteristics

Familiar: Keeping him company in times when no one else is around is Midnight, Morgan’s Familiar. Though he is also the totem spirit of the Ashe Cove werewolves.

The Finer Things: You know that kid who always has the new phone? Or the new laptop? That’s Morgan. While he doesn’t actively broadcast the fact he has Resources, he does. And a lot of them. However, he is more than willing to share. After all, it’s just money, right?

Something In Those Eyes: No matter how he cuts his hair, or what he wears, there’s something about him that gives him Striking Looks. Whether with a rebellious glance or an innocent smile, Morgan can make hearts melt.


Theme Songs:

Innocence – Paramore
Tear You Apart – She Wants Revenge
Your Star – Evanescence
Eyes On Fire – Blue Foundation
Cave – Muse


Date of Birth: 1/29/1998
Awakening: Two years ago
Hometown: New York City, New York
Age: 17
Height: 6’3"
Build: Casually Athletic
Eye Color: Icy Blue
Hair Color: Black

Sight: Rebellious New Yorker.
Sound: Deep, slow breather.
Taste: Salty and …magic?
Smell: Faint ozone and fresh pine.
Touch: Warm, almost electric.

this story’s missing a wishing well

no mirror to show and tell

no kiss that can break the spell

i’m falling asleep

every prince is a fantasy

the witch is inside of me

her poison will wash away

the memory

and after midnight we’re all the same

no glass shoe to bring us fame

nobody to take the blame

we’re falling apart

every story’s a waiting game

a flower for every name

their colors are paling

in the falling rain

we kill the lights and put on a show

it’s all a lie but you’d never know

your star will shine and then it will fall

and you will forget it all


Morgan O'Sullivan

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