Wilson "Fritz" Fitzowen

Haunted-Eyed Teen


Name: Wilson Fitzowen
Alias: “Fritz”, ‘Acheron"
Classification: Necromancer (Mage: Moros)
Gender/Sex: Male/Male
Orientation: Predominantly Heterosexual, Virgin, conflicted about sex
Associations: Free Council
Family: Parents (Retired wealthy couple), Davey (Best Friend / Ghost), Davey’s parents (Live in Seattle, closer family than his actual parents. They keep tabs on Fritz)


Height: 5’8"
Weight: 125 lbs
Age: 18
Build: Slender/Athletic
Dress: Casual with a tendency towards darker colors and rigid patterns.

Davey is a small guy. Weighing in at barely over a hundred pounds and short compared to most of his classmates he doesn’t really look like much. He has black hair and dark, dark green eyes that look almost black in dim light. The living representation of a “late-bloomer” he is technically eighteen years old, but definitely doesn’t look it. He tends to keep to himself at school, with whispers about “that strange kid” following him through the halls.

Distinguishing Characteristics:
Having experienced the grief and sorrows of the “other-side” for over a year now the haunted look of dark circles and sad eyes is very appropriate. For better or worse this ‘wounded young man’ aura is palpable and draws in attention. (Striking Looks 2)

That being said it is hard to keep track of the kid. (Occultation 1)

Death Cab for Cutie: I’ll Follow You Into the Dark
Twenty One Pilots: Heavydirtysoul
The Bravery: Above and Below
Novo Amor: Anchor


Fritz was born in Downtown Seattle the son of a.fairly wealthy power couple (Former District Attorney and a Doctor) meaning his parents were and continue to be absent more often than they are present. From a young age he attended a boarding school in New York city, coming back west for holidays. Eventually he convinced his parents to let him attend a private school in Seattle for grades 9-12.

When he started high school he had very few friends, but eventually started to adjust. His first and best friend was a man in his grade named David, Davey. The two of them were inseparable for the first two years of high school, but things took a dark turn during the autumn of their junior year. The two men were involved in a serious car crash. Fritz managed to survive with some broken ribs and a serious concussion, but Davey did not make it. He seemed fine at first, but collapsed dead a few feet from the car as the result of serious internal injuries.

Fritz spent a long time in the hospital recovering. Physical and Mental therapies purchased for him by parents that rarely bothered to visit him in the High School. It was during his hospital stay that he first started to have dreams of his best friend. The doctors and shrinks attributed them to stress and grief. In truth, though, these were the first interactions with the ghost of his best friend.

After his recovery he tried going back to school but that ended quickly after he broke a kid’s nose after they teased him extensively about Davey’s death. In response he was transferred to the island high school to finish his final year (and summer-school to make up for lost time).

Hates traveling by car.
Gets carded for R rated movies.
First Moros to Awaken in the PNW for years.
Has a current 4.0 GPA and is known for helping out with after school work in the chemistry lab.

The Dreamscape
Fritz’s dreamscape is a complicated place, but here are some of the basics.

Vestibule (Arrival Point):
Entryway to the School, with the double-doors replaced by a big wrought iron gateway akin to the gate of a graveyard. Behind you the parking lot is filled with destroyed cars.

The air is crisp and cool, it smells faintly of upturned earth and tastes slightly of copper.
The ground and floors are covered in about and inch of rainwater.
Colors of the entire place seem washed out, and a slight haze obscures things at a distance.

Inside the building shades representing students mill about aimlessly, with a din of noise coming from where they occasionally cluster in the hallways. In that din Fritz (or other travelers) is occasionally laughed at, accused, or ridiculed with half-formed faces leering as the traveler passes.

Occasionally there is an individual walking unseen through the crowd with greater detail. Usually anointed with gratuitous imagery or with a body severely damaged (indicative of how Fritz sees the world of the dead with greater clarity than much of the rest of his life). Such individuals quickly flicker out of existence when noticed.

Bits of strange graffiti litter the place. Revealing snippets of emotionally charged conversations from his past without any further context nor pattern.

The Exits to deeper parts of the dream can be found in many places that escape the main scene through the parking lot or further into the school. The path/door taken reflects the Scene in which the traveler arrives in next. (Wits+Occult/Empathy to determine to desired path)

Daimon (Spirit/Avatar of a Mage’s Dream formed by their subconscious)
Looks like Fritz but with a pale skin, murky white eyes, and blue lips. He is soaked in water.
Where his heart is is instead a hollow circle.
For the most part the Daimon guides the dreamer and guests from the shadows.

Other Recurring Scenes
Post Car-Crash Hospital (Dangerous Locale)
The Basketball Court (Typical meeting point for Fritz and others. Safest Stable Dream-Zone)
The Frozen Waters (Bathtub: Drowning/Awakening)

Wilson "Fritz" Fitzowen

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